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Work Pants with strapless knee pads are critical when  your knees are brought to the ground. Our goal is to make the most natural, durable and useful pair of strapless knee padded pants in the industry. We want to satisfy the different needs that people can have for when their knees are brought to the ground; uniforms can benefit... having a unique company appearance packaged with a unique utility; gardeners and landscapers can have more comfort; painters, plumbers, AC technicians and mechanics can benefit each time they need to work on thier knees, part-time or full time. The list is endless; photographers, archeologists, concrete workers, camping and hiking its endless. There is a broad range of benefits for a broad range of users, let us help you have added comfort and added protection while you play or work. Whether a trade or a walk through the park, we can customize your pants to your needs... with the appropriate degree of durability and resilient design.
Circulation is Key

If you have ever participated in an ergonomic evaluation, then you already know that ergonomists are highly concerned with the angles of joints – hips, elbows, knees, etc…  Why?  Because delivering oxygen to the muscles allows them to operate at their peek performance. Some Orthopedists are starting to connect the dots to dry tendons or tears in tendons to the use of knee pads.

Identifying Knee Pad Problems

How do you know if the knee pads aren’t working – simple, just look at their ankles.  When workers start their day, they typically don their knee pad.  But after a few hours on the job, the knee pads are protecting their ankle.  They become so uncomfortable that workers move the pads down the leg because they don’t want to carry them in their pockets.


So, what’s the alternative?  Why is this beneficial?  The first benefit is that the pads are always in the right place – protecting the knee.  Secondarily, the knee pad doesn’t have to rely on straps or elastic to stay in place.  The pad is held in place by a pocket that is designed into the work pants.  This allows free movement of the leg in the pants without creating pinching, sweating, or other discomfort. Most importantly there is no lost circulation due to the knee pad, which eliminates the potential for dried out tendons.

Try a pair of ZKARZ and feel the difference, know the difference and outlast the difference (Pruebe con un par de ZKARZ y sentir la diferencia, conocer la diferencia y durar más que la diferencia).




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 I got the pants. They look great, I'm wearing them as I speak, they feel great. I'm going to be working
on a roof and around my parents place today. I'll let you know how it goes. I really
like how the pad covers my knee when I kneel down. It fits perfect. I'll let you know how it goes. "

Thanks again
Don B.


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 Knee Injury Could this be you? Twenty years ago, while working as a carpenter, Chris suddenly developed knee pain. Although he went to the doctor, he didn’t think it was serious enough for the arthroscopic surgery the doctor ordered.  Several years later, the pain returned. This time the doctor’s visit revealed a tear in his meniscus, which had apparently been there all along. Chris finally had surgery to repair the tear, but a complication left him in worse pain than before. This led to total knee replacement and although he’s now pain free, he has lost range of motion. Chris offers advice to his fellow construction workers: “Don’t be the macho man;  get your injuries treated timely and avoid complications later.” How could an injury impact your home life? • Lower income • Chronic knee pain • Loss of career • Reduced cash flow • Loss of quality time with family What puts you at risk? Tasks that involve frequent stooping, kneeling, or squatting puts your knees at risk for injury. The knee is made up of muscles that move the knee joints; tendons and ligaments that provide stability; cartilage to absorb shock; and the bursa, a small sac of fluid under the kneecap that lubricates your knee so it moves easily. All of these are susceptible  to injury through excessive wear and tear or continual stress. Activities that stress your knee • Kneeling or squatting for long periods of time • Repetitive kneeling or squatting • Contact stress Kneeling and squatting: Overstretches the ligaments and squeezes the bursa. Excessive kneeling or squatting can cause irritation, inflammation, and pain. If the ligaments in your knee become too unstable, your knee may give out when you pivot your foot to turn and walk.
Overexertion: Tendonitis, or inflammation of the ten- don, is often a result of overuse or overexertion of the knee. Overexerting the muscles around your knee can also lead to tearing and pain. Continuing to use your knee while in pain will only delay healing and may lead to long-term damage. Contact stress: Using your knee as a hammer or kneeling on a hard floor are both examples of contact stress. Excessive kneeling can cause the bursa to become irritated, leading to pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion.

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